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When Valeria takes a look at the big picture she doesn't notice the nicks, the scrapes, or the flaws. When she replays her life in her mind she spins the negative flashes into golden yarns that give her strength and determination. In her surroundings she sees only beauty and in her music, she creates the same. "I don't see the point in focusing on the bad," the 22-year-old Los Angeles transplant says. "I want my music to remind people that it's okay to be happy and to remember life is a gift - it should be celebrated every day."Valeria's Interscope debut, Freshly Squeezed, can only be described as a celebration. Spanish guitars dance in the foreground while Latin percussions sprinkle beats like confetti on the festivities. And above the party floats Valeria's powerful, smooth voice, a sonic hostess to the musical gala. On the first single "Ooh La La" she coos, "When you kiss me, baby, it always blows my mind/Never been so happy in love, on a love high/Your love makes me say, Ooh, ahh, la la la." Listen and you can't help but groove your hips to the beat. In a moment when sounds from below the border are de rigeur, Valeria offers a modern take on classic Salsa rhythms, a musical experience that's muy autentico and totally from the heart. As the title suggests, Freshly Squeezed is pure, invigorating and as energizing as it is sweet. As Valeria explains, "If you squeeze me a little, you get a range of sounds and influences. The whole album is an extension of who I am today." Only a few years ago, though when this 5'2" singer was belting Top 40 tunes on Venice Boardwalk for quarters, if you squeezed Valeria, you'd get some more haunting notes scattered among the uplifting ones. But her story starts even earlier than that. Twenty-three years ago, a small-town 35-year-old woman from Uruguay moved to Sydney, Australia, to work in a coffee factory. On a night out, she bumped and grinded with a sexy hairdresser nearly twice her age; two weeks later they were married. "He didn't speak any Spanish, and she didn't speak any English, but they always said they both spoke the language of love," Valeria says of the giddy couple that gave birth to her ten months after they met. One year later they were divorced, and their baby girl was shuffled between mom's place in Sydney's Spanish enclave (where Salsa and Julio Iglesias were ubiquitous) and dad's, where American pop standards from the 1940s permeated the house. By the time Valeria was old enough to walk, she was learning to dance and sing and performed at any talent contest that would have her. "My dad grew up watching those old American movies, and always dreamed that cabaret life for himself," Valeria says. "And he put that all into me." Mom wanted her daughter to be a nurse, but dad perservered. Before turning 10, Valeria starred in The Sound of Music and played the lead in Annie (for two years) on Sydney's professional stages. Without her noticing the transference, her father's dream became hers. "It was really our dream," she emphasizes

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