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Tracy Dali, actress, model, spokeswoman, has appeared in everything from print ads, commercials, television, film and radio, both domestically and internationally. Talented and well trained, she has studied with the Lee Strausberg Academy, Harry Mastrogeaorge and the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory. It is Tracy's gift of gab, however, that first got her noticed in Hollywood and helped her career take off. A calendar model and aspiring actress, she was picked for a part in Back to the Future. During a lunch break, she found herself chatting with a friendly guy at her table. She recalls, "I'm talking with him about the food on the set and that I'm from Tucson and blah, blah, blah - the biggest geek in the world, she says with a self deprecating laugh. One of my friends kicked me under the table and I gave her a dirty look. When the guy I was sitting with walked away she said, You know who that was you were talking to about shrimp salad?, and I said Yeah, Robert. and she said, yeah Robert Zemekis." Since then, Tracy Dali has starred and appeared in numerous films such as; "Virgin High", "American Street Fighter", starring along side well known kick boxer Gary Daniels, "Extreme Honor", "Encino Man", "Pretty Woman", "Sunset Heat", starring Dennis Hopper, "Back Lot Murders", "Kissing a Dream", and "Beach Movie". She has had guest spots and recurring roles on television shows such as; "Beverly Hills 90210", "Son of the Beach", "Action", "Pacific Blues", and "Americas Funniest People" as the Jackalope's girlfriend. Her cameo spots include: "Matlock", "Freddie's Nightmares" and Internationally, Tracy lived, modeled, worked in television shows and commercials and performed in a live dance review for "JFOXX"- Spectacular in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. She also starred as a Chin Chin Girl for the hit Italian TV game show "Tuttie Fruiti", which aired in other countries such as Germany and Prague

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