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I have always been athletic, a tomboy you could say, I grew like a weed and towered over almost my whole fifth grade class awkward, tall and skinny I got teased quite a bit. By age nine I was racing motorcycles in the California desert and kicking the boy’s butts, I might add. As I grew into my height and started to fill my frame, I got into modeling. I had been lifting (light) weights and doing aerobic exercise, but I was told again and again that I needed to be very careful as not to become muscular. You know that one right? “I just want to get some definition, you know tone up, I don’t want to be a muscle girl!” Well, that stuck with me, so I got real good at Yoga, Ballet, Pilates, Spinning, and circuit training with light weights. My diet was a combination of strict vegetarianism and then the crazy modeling starvation diet so needless to say my protein requirements were not even close to being met. When I met my future husband who is a bodybuilder we began to work out together and I repeated my mantra “ Tone, Cardio, blah, blah, blah…or I might not get hired for the next job!” He was very understanding and worked me into his bodybuilding program. I was training for a Marathon at that point so we shaped my workouts around the intensity of all the running I was doing. When my work became a scheduling conflict with the Marathon. I was disappointed and relieved at the same time, sad that I would have concede the challenge of the Marathon but excited to be able to give weightlifting a real go. We worked a lot on strict form, isometrics and instead of circuit training; he had me in his body parts split sequence. What I discovered is that I am a competitor; I wanted to prove that I could do it too and that’s when it happened. One day without my knowledge or consent I realized that the monster had bitten me! The monster that lives in my head, the one that says “You can do more, go heavier, hold it longer and bust that last rep to failure!” I loved the high, we trained six days a week like animals sometime twice and during cardio season three times a day

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