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If ever there was proof that big things come in small packages, it's Rachel Williams. There's more talent in this (almost) five-foot-two redhead than in a whole jukebox full of hits. When Rachel is delivering her brand of rockin' and R&B country, she has the audience on their feet and movin' to the beat, but she can just as easily wring their hearts with a ballad she seems to pull out of her very own soul. Rachel credits her grandfather with introducing her to country music early on. He took her to a Judds concert when she was only two years old, and she was hooked then and there. For years, she wouldn't go to sleep unless a country cassette was playing. But during the day, Rachel was the one doing the singing. Rachel graduated from singing at home with a hairbrush "microphone" to public performances in shows at school. (She says she learned to "ham it up"--pun intended--in the Three Piggy Opera in second grade.) It wasn't long before she was winning talent contests and singing professionally at fairs and other events. It must come as no surprise to those who heard and saw her sing as a child that Rachel has grown up to be the confident, exciting performer that she is today. There's just no holding back talent and drive like hers

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