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Born in New York City to Betty and George Smyth, several years prior to Kennedy's tragic assassination, Patty spent her childhood in three out of five possible boroughs - - Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan -- with her elder sibling Elizabeth. Recovering fairly rapidly from the sting of not having been given a middle name, and her parents' divorce, Patty recieved a generic limited education at the hands of the New York public school system. Indeed, some of her early songwriting sensibilities was informed by this low brow education -- but it was later successfully treated with antibiotics and has since virtually disappeared from her musical styling. Their first job was on a boat in Philadelphia singing only James Brown songs, as they watched their musical equipment sway and slide with the rolling Philly tide. Unbeknownst to her, Patty had begun amassing the modicum of hyper dignity that was to become a thriving part of her swelling trademark. Subsequently, Patty experienced an invigorating bout of waitressing at a comedy club with such looniaries as Jerry Seinfeld, Larry Miller and Paul Reiser. Somewhere in the eighties, Patty answered a pay phone in a steak house she was waitressing, and it was musician Zack Smith, who had been looking for Patty to join his band Scandal. Patty promptly did so, and a short time later the band had their first hit song, "Goodbye to You," enabling them to tour with nearly every top band for about a year as the sacrificial opening act

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