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When Belgium was occupied by the Germans in 1940, Marthe Janssen-Leyder joined the local Underground Resistance (the Secret Army). She was intelligent, resourceful and courageous, often ignoring the danger to herself and her family, and was instrumental in helping a large number of allied soldiers and airmen escape and return home to their families. This is her story. Marthe Marie Elisabeth Leyder was born on the 9th May 1900 at Arlon in the South East of Belgium (not far from the Luxembourg Border). Photograph taken circa December 1911 Marthe's mother, Eliza Leyder-Trausch, with her five daughters She was the middle child of three daughters born to François Leyder and his second wife, Eliza Trausch. Seated from left to right in the photograph are Marthe, Jeanne (born in 1902) and Emilienne (born in 1898). Eliza also had two older daughters from her first marriage, Mariette and Marcelle, seen standing on either side of their mother. Sadly, their father had been killed in a train accident when they were very young and he was only 25 years old. The family suffered further trauma when François Leyder died in 1904. When the Germans invaded Belgium in 1940, Marthe was living in the village of Eisden*, with her husband Renier (René) Janssen and her daughter, Yvonne, (adopted by René). Unable to tell her husband what she was doing at the time, she joined the local Resistance Group operating in the area and risked her life on numerous occasions carrying secret messages and guiding allied soldiers and airmen on the first stages of their long journey home. Eisden is not far from the Dutch border with only a narrow piece of Holland separating Belgium from Germany - right under the flight path of allied aeroplanes on their way to Germany to bomb Nazi targets. Marthe with her half-brother Paul Leyder, her daughter Yvonne and son-in-law Hubert My Uncle Paul with his half-sister, Marthe, Marthe's daughter, Yvonne, and Yvonne's husband, Hubert Van Hecke From Left: Paul, Marthe, Yvonne, Hubert In July 1942, Marthe's daughter, Yvonne married Hubert and they went to live in Antwerp. Marthe's new son-in-law, Hubert Van Hecke*, was an Officer in the Belgian Army before it was disbanded by the Germans. He was a lawyer by profession (later a Judge) and his father worked for the Belgian Secret Service. Hubert was already working for the Secret Army in the Antwerp area delivering the underground newspaper, "Le Soir", hidden amongst his portfolio of legal papers. It was not long before Yvonne was also involved: they kept a radio transmitter under the stairs and hid two Russian soldiers in their home for nearly a year until the liberation of Belgium in 1944

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