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Ms. Martha Graham was born in 1894 in the small town of Alleghany, Pennsylvania. As a young girl, Martha became interested in the illustrations of movement after a quick glance through her father’s microscope. She saw “dancing water.” Her father, a physician, enrolled her in the Denishawn School, where she began to explore interpretive dance. In the mid-twenties she was asked to perform with the Greenwich Village Follies, as a soloist. Martha Graham greatly developed her technique between 1920 through 1938. According to Alice Helpern, “In the early years, Graham’s technique grew out of phrases from choreography,” and then once the technique was firmly established, “it began to form the basis for new choreography.” Martha asked her dancers to forget about their ballet training and terminology, be in there bare feet, and focus mainly on the core/center of the body. The development of her floor work was based on the concept of contracting and releasing, which in actuality is the body’s basic urge to move and sustain its own energy. The progression throughout the class, included themes and intense variations of basic movement, such as “turns around the back, deep stretches, long leans, and the exercise on six.” Graham focused a great deal on the percussive upbeat or what is known as the “and” count in her exercises, which broke away from the stereotypical down beat. Furthermore, the “and” count instinctively represents that of the breath. Graham devoted her work to finding the source and perfect illustration of human beings. The breath is our source of life, as well as the initiation of Graham’s movement. Her fundamental technique presented her with dancers with correct alignment, increased agility, and consistent balance. Her floor work was stationary, in order to strengthen ones center without the challenge of standing on two feet. During Graham’s early choreography, archetypal figures were her muse. She often traveled to places, such as Yucatan Mexico and New Mexico, in order to find and communicate the humanistic qualities of dance in a calmer more tranquil environment. She always traveled with her composer and friend, Louis Hourst. Later Graham’s focus began to shift toward “American Ideals,” such as strength and leadership, especially with the establishment of her company in 1941. Martha began to use more men in her pieces, as well as concentrate on her dancers facial expressions. At a time when choreography was pouring from Graham, dancers like Merce Cunningham, Pearl Lang, Yuriko Kukuchi, and Erick Hawkins, her future husband, remember her showing movement once and quickly expected them to reproduce it. As the start of Graham’s first European tour, she began to collaborate with George Balanchine, which meshed the best of worlds, ballet and modern. Unfortunately during the 1960’s, Graham’s health began to plummet. She began to loose sight of her art. Loosing interest in the company and school,she could no longer herself perform. Graham could now only influenced her choreography through verbal illustration and most commonly the new dancers, trained in different backgrounds, did not respond or produce the way she wanted them to. However, in the end she never forgot to "follow her own something.” Martha Graham died April 1, 1991. She will always be remembered

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