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Been born to Trani (BA) the 19.05.66, it achieves the artistic maturity and it begins to take care itself of Fitness in 1986, year of its first training. It is gotten passionate fastly to this activity and it begins therefore a long agonistica career that protagonist in very many national and international competitions sees to it. Conquest the title Italian it and earns the end to the prestigious Miss Universe of London for two consecutive years, (1992 -1993), after to have gained the relative selection. Parallel always one has been interested to the cultural aspects connects you to its sport passion, it has positively concluded the studies and exceeded the examinations demands for the bestowal of the diploma of Instructor of Body Building and Fitness in 1987. From that moment for Marta it is a continuous deepening of the matters that more interest it, in particular: fitness feminine, biomechanics, the energetic metabolisms, physiology of the nutrition, the feeding of the sportsman, alimentary integration, psychological aspects and psychosomatic medicine. It trains numerous frequent visitors of arenas and various athletes agonists with engagement and passion. Its natural empathy and sensibility and its deep preparation concur to them to help its students to center theirs object to you. From 1992 she is technical Adviser of the Body Shop of Milan and offers its precious contribution to the customers of the store. Teaching E' to the course Trainers and Instructors of Body Building and Fitness and has collaborated with the situated one: E' married with Cosimo Aruta and is mother of two children, Manuela and Federica

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