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She is born in Utrecht on 16 December 1959, and occupies itself on school already with theatre and stage. After the Higher General Secondary Education in 1976, she is asked for the head role in the speelfilm "the debuut", a film of Nouschka of Brakel and wins they best brio price of Oxford, and prospective brio price of Egypt, also in Ireland a rose is named after to her. Hereafter productions still a lot of (to see CV) follow, and tussendoor she occupies themselves with following workshops and cursussen such as: Stanaslavski, method acting, the vooropleiding of the toneelschool, and lessons of the American docent: George Loros, that much with many well-known ASTRE have worked such as o.a. Already Pacino. She works at castingbureau, as a receptioniste, and voice work does, radio commercials, schrijfcursus follow, and song lessons. Its lievelings films is nevertheless "Antonia", directed Marleen Gorris, in what they retarded the little girl interprets DeeDee, a splendid role, this film gained a oscar in America for best foreign film. But also "women wing" written Marjan birch, in what they 55 deliveries interpret the role of Julia, they win gouden the Televisierring 1995, and of course the debuut, Mysteries, An flower, and also the comedy's, The nobody door and what schuif't, etc. etc.. De laatste jaren heeft Marina zich meer gericht op het doceren, and its Act2Act Acteerstudio set up, where she gives acteerlessen to camera. Also she gives acteerles on schools as gastdocente, voice work does, and wants will film gladly in the future himself its own script, and the theatre

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