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I have had over 10 years of experience in the industry of health and fitness. To start with, I was an avid weightlifter and competitive bodybuilder for several years. Some of my victories were winning the National Grand Prix and the Contra Costa. My biggest victory in the sport was winning the California State Championships and the Los Angeles Classic. After winning the California State Championships, I received a large amount of magazine coverage. This still continues into the present. I have done several lingerie issues, centerfolds and profiles for leading fitness magazines such as Flex Magazine and Ironman Magazine. I have been featured in over 50 fitness magazines such as Oxygen, Musclemag, Flex and Ironman. After winning the Calilfornia, I decided that women's competitive bodybuilding was taking a different route than where I wanted to go. I knew that I would need to put more muscle on my frame to go further, but at the time, I was not ready to take my body to that extreme for this sport. I left competitive bodybuilding after winning the California State Championships and went towards the "fitness" direction. In 1998, I competed in my first professional fitness contest "The Galaxy." I placed very well at the regional and was invited to compete in their finals, which were held in Los Angeles. I had a lot of fun with the obstacle course but even with the low amount of muscle that I thought I had, that organization considered me to be too muscular. They wanted the competitors to be athletes but not look like ones. I knew that with my athletic physique that I would only go so far in their organization. In 1999, I went back to compete in the NPC (National Physique Committee). That year, I came in second place in the Los Angeles bodybuilding and fitness contest. This qualified me for the national level in which I competed in the USA bodybuilding and fitness contest and did very well, especially considering that was my first year. In October of 1999 I had a traumatic event happen in my life. This event changed my entire life and put me on a new course of direction and life mission

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