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Kerri-Anne Kennerley with her bubbly personality and and love of life, it's no surprise Kerri-Anne Kennerley lives in a home with a life energy of its own. As host of Channel Nine's Midday show, Kerri-Anne Kennerley was vivacious. As an author, she's entertaining and inspiring. So, with a bubbly personality and love of life, it's no surprise Kerri-Anne's newly renovated home has a "life energy" of its own — a fully operational train set that weaves its way from room to room. Rebecca takes a whistlestop tour of the house and chats with Kerri-Anne about her new book. When Kerri-Anne and John bought their 1870s Edwardian home it was run-down. Formally a boarding house, it contained a series of dark and dingy rooms, each fitted with a small washbasin. At first, they thought the restoration would be too hard, but after six months debating, they took on the challenge. Two and a half years later, they have a stunning Edwardian home to call their own. John's part in the renovations was project management, while Kerri-Anne focussed on colour. They lived in the house while the renovations were in progress, and Kerri-Anne proudly claims she coped well with the mess. She loves things to look bright and cheerful, so the living room is painted in flame colours and home to a recessed bar. The kitchen is painted in a cool grey. It was built a metre smaller than the plans, so John has more space for his model train. Kerri-Anne's perfectly happy with this smaller kitchen — she likes to eat out! Etched on the glass splashback is John's drawing of a rising sun. New to Kerri-Anne's home is a state of the art piano, which includes a drive for floppy disks. In a recent interview with Women's Weekly she said it's "Like having Geoff Harvey — but without the drinks!" Kerri-Anne's latest achievement is a book of wisdom, gleaned from nearly two decades of interviewing. Her story, "Kerri-Anne's Life Energy" reveals how to create an endless flow of energy, using tips and techniques developed by Kerri-Anne. Topics include, setting and achieving goals, improving relationships at home and works, and overcoming nerves and transforming failure into success. Kerri-Anne is often asked where she finds all her energy. Her answer, "Until recently, I'd never thought much about energy — I was too busy enjoying it. My energy comes from my enthusiasm for life and from the fear I'll miss out on something. There's so much I want to do. I try to recognize every opportunity that comes my way and ride it to the end"

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