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After having being dragged to an audition for the "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," Lisa's wrestling career began in the 80's having been trained by Mondo Guerrero and given the alias Tina Ferrari. Her sparkly personality made her a fan favorite as she progressed through other organizations such as "Powerful Women of Wrestling" and "Ladies Professional Wrestling Association" with favorable success. These federations eventually came to an end, but seemingly gave Lisa a good foundation for what was to lie ahead.Contrary to what some sites claim, Lisa was never one of the "Godfather's" ho's, that was Victoria. Lisa caught the eye of the WWF's J.R. and was introduced as Ivory on February 13, 1999 as a valet for D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. At the time, Mark and D'Lo had been feuding with Double J, Owen Hart and Debra. It proved to be a bitter sweet debut when Ivory burst into the scene and gave Debra a smashing slap across the face; as Debra recoiled, she accidentally caught the top of Ivory's dress as she flung her arm and thus exposed one of Ivory's breasts! Some might say it was a double debut since it is rumored that she had her breasts enlarged just for the WWF. In any case, she certainly made a lasting impression with her combination of beauty and sheer ferocity that night.Ivory would then help pioneer a new breed of wrestlers that not only could wrestle, not only were they bad, not only were they strong, but they were beautiful as well. She went on to win the Women's Championship 3 times facing many opponents such as Tori, Jacqueline, and Luna. She even faced Chyna during the "Right to Censor" period where she joined an extremely conservative clique where like minded wrestlers tried to stop all that they considered indecent. But before that period and much to the fan's delight, she also participated in WWF firsts such as Gravy Matches, Mud Matches, and Swimming Pool Evening Gown Matches! Of course, it was not all fun and games as she proved herself in unprecedented women's hardcore matches. So impressed was the WWF, that she was allowed to wrestle at major pay-per-views such as "SummerSlam" and "Wrestlemania," something rarely allowed for women. Her wrestling skills were undoubted as she was chosen to become a trainer on Tough Enough 2, lasting from Feb. to May 2002. It was later discovered that she would be joining the SmackDown roster for her television return where she was put into a brief angle with the winners of Tough Enough, Jackie Gayda and Linda Miles

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