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Isabel Richer was born on June 14, 1966. Isabel results from the National School of Théatre since 1993. Its palmares since this time is rather imposing. Isabel Richer cracked for Grande Ourse. For a third consecutive year, the actress is spokesman of the Great crossing of Gaspésie in ski touring, which s¹est unrolled this week. The young woman tells qu¹elle really discovered this area of Quebec at the time of the first year of the turning of the L¹ombre series of l¹épervier. "One spent almost two months to Gaspé and, thereafter, I m¹y am made friends and j¹ai started to fish salmon, says it. C¹est like my second at me." Isabel, that l¹on can see in L¹héritière de Grande Ourse, entrusts qu¹elle accepted with much pleasure of playing the part of Barbara. "J¹ai adored to incarnate this character. When one m¹a proposed this role, the first season n¹avait yet not diffused; when j¹ai read the texts, I said myself: ³C¹est malade!² Then, j¹ai met the producer and the realizer, Patrice Sauvé, who m¹ont explained l¹histoire. At this time, I n¹ai more have doubts. C¹était very pleasant to play in such a burst series.\

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