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A professional actress since the age of 16, when she moved to Los Angeles from Bellingham, WA, Hilary Swank first appeared onscreen in 1992's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Two years later, she earned a rudimentary degree of fame when she was picked to star in The Next Karate Kid, but this recognition proved fleeting: Swank subsequently appeared in a number of minor films and did a year-long stint on Beverly Hills 90210. In 1999, however, she won both acclaim and recognition for her lead role in Kimberly Peirce's independent drama Boys Don't Cry. Based on the real-life story of Brandon Teena, a woman whose decision to lead her life as a man met with dire consequences, Boys Don't Cry was one of the year's most lauded films, with particular praise going to Swank for her stunning performance. She went on to win a number of honors for her work in the film, including Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Actress. Predictably, Swank's workload increased significantly after her Oscar win in 2001, and the actress found herself starring in several lesser known but nonetheless challenging roles, including Sam Raimi's psychological thriller The Gift (2001), as well as The Affair of the Necklace with then future Oscar winner Adrien Brody. Swank also co-narrated the Barbara Streisand-produced documentary Reel Models: The First Women of Film, and would take on gender equality issues once again in HBO's Iron Jawed Angels(2003), which featured Swank, Angelica Houston, and Frances O'Connor as leaders in the women's suffrage movement. However, Swank did take a break from brooding period pieces and serious explorations of sexuality for one unapologetic big-budget summer blockbuster -- Jon Amiel's The Core (2003), in which Swank co-starred as one of several individuals chosen to journey to the Earth's core in hopes of jump-starting the collapsing electromagentic forces. She also accepted a supporting role as an eager-to-please rookie detective alongside Hollywood veteran Al Pacino in 2002's Insomnia. Though she may have cut loose in a few post-Oscar popcorn munchers in a bid to blow off some steam onscreen, Swank had already gained a reputation as a serious-minded actress whose quickly evolving onscreen talent pointed to many great things to come in the future. On the heels of the quirky, little seen autio accident drama 11:14 Swank took the lead in the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated 2004 HBO drama Iron Jawed Angels - with a role as a South African-born attorney in Tom Hooper's political drama Red Dust following soon thereafter. If audiences awaiting another knockout performance from Swank failed to catch her winning performances in Iron Jawed Angels and Red Dust, there was virtually no escaping her unforgettable performance as a determined female boxer in director Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby. Her remarkable onscreen vitality and sincerity serving as a highlight to the film that would eventually take home the "Best Picture" prize at the 77th Annual Academy Awards, Swank also took home a "Best Actress" award at the same ceremony - a win that helped to bring Eastwood's critically lauded film a total of four well--deserved Oscars

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