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Elisabetta Canalis is born to Sassari the 12 September 1978, under the sign of the Vergine. The family of Elisabetta is composed from the Luigi brother, the father Cesar (Clinical primary radiologist of the university one of Sassari), the Tawny letter mother (teaching) and its amatissimo dog of Vittorio name. Elisabetta obtains the classic maturity to the prestigious sassarese Grammar school Azuni from which they are passes also personages to you like Berlinguer, Cossiga, Segni and Togliatti. Perhaps one of the passions of Elisabetta (that main) é equitazione and tells us to have it sin from when it was small. Lately to this passion that one of the kick-boxing has joined also, than practical in the little spaces of free time.Elisabetta is also a fan sfegatata of rapper the Eminem white man and it has been made tatuare its name on the arm, because, supports to have held them company with its songs in the sad days (currently the tatuaggio has been cammuffato from one necklace of roses). That one on the arm however is not the only tatuaggio of Elisabetta, in fact one has also an other tatuaggio on the representing wrist rose. From Sassari, our Elisabetta, is moved to Milan in order to attend the Faculty of Languages of the University Be them and thanks to its beauty and bravura, Milan will represent its springboard of launch towards the television career. In fact after to have participated to spot of candies and a being be discarded to they try of the film "the in love fish" of Leonardo Pieraccioni, Elisabetta comes noticed to a festivity from a sure Tuzio Franc (puts into effect them associate of Eros Ramazzotti), than the news (for year 1999-2000 advises them to make tries in order to become one of the 2 veline of Strip). Elisabetta although little is convinced, it participates to try and sbaraglia cosi Italian 500 competition of others "more" obtaining a place in the transmission more continuation from the Italians. Strip becomes cosi the launch springboard, in fact after little Elisabetta time it appears in the places setting some of all Italy which Max and others equally prestigious newspapers. Thanks to Strip, Elisabetta find a great friend that it attends also to outside from the studies: Maddalena Corvaglia, the other velina. Maddalena describes to Elisabetta like one the girl to us sweetest, but at the same time much impulsive one. Our preferred girl, always succeeds to being reconfirmed also for the successive seasons of Strip (2000-2001 and 2001-2002) emphasizing the difference that exist between she, microfonata velina, and many other present girls in the small screen

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