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Been born the 20 of October of 1952, in the city of Sorocaba, interior of the Brazilian State of São Paulo, Eliane Teresinha Giardini grew in the seio of a sufficiently great family, of Italian ancestry. Energetic and very independent, it started to work to dezassete years. As actress, it started for making a film of the authorship of an uncle. Later, it made amateur theater and it entered the School of Theater of the University of S. Pablo, where, years later, if it formed actress and it namorou with its colleague of course Pablo Betti, with who it finished for marrying. Together, they had initiated a scaling in the career of actores, first exactly in Sorocaba and, later, in São Paulo. It is when Eliane makes its estreia in the cinema, with the film "the Wage of the Death" (How much the theater, its estreia was with the part "Marvada Meat"). For both, it also started to be foreseen a promising career in the television, until, for 1977 return, Engravida Eliane and gives to the light a girl, of its Juliana name. To take care of of the son, Eliane decides to make an interval in its career of actress. Four years later, Mariana is born, the second son of the couple, e the pause is drawn out more per three years.Finally, Eliane decides to retake its career of actress, while Pablo goes conquering great popularity. For Eliane, the goal was to leave of being, for the great public, simply "the woman of Pablo Betti". Owner of a great talent, it obtained to open space in the theater, what prémios of Better Actress relieved it, e also the cinema opened it the doors. However, its frustration was increasing. After all of accounts, it stops seven years to dedicate itself to the children, exactly when it are invited to integrate the cast of a novel; the paper finishes for being delivers then to the initial Cássia Kiss and Eliane falls in the esquecimento. Now, she was an actress awardee, but it did not obtain to reach the fame, the estrelato, something that (it had conscience of this) would only be reached when obtained to arrive at the vehicle of the dreams: the television. It was felt of certain guilty form for having done a pause in its career, but she was a extremosa and dedicated mother, affectionate, e the family was first. To get worse, the career of Pablo takes a way truily ascending e, in 1989, it is awarded with the Timóteo personage, of the thundering success "Tieta", novel of Aguinaldo Silva, Ana Maria Moretzohn and Ricardo Linhares, e is launched, definitively, for a statute of star in the Brazilian artistic way. More of the one than never, Eliane was only "the woman of Pablo Betti". No matter how hard it was felt happy with the success of the husband, it could not leave of if also feeling amargurada by its lack of success. It excessively ached to it to feel itself inferiorizada, what it arrived to provoke a crisis in the marriage and it was valid a period of great anguish

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