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In terms of combining publicity with career building, Elaine Stewart forms a triangle with Kim Novak and Tina Louise. All three gained enormous media attention in the 1950s, and all three aroused considerable - and loyal - enthusiasm from the general public. The careers of all three demonstrate that having substantial parts in good movies is essential for a career to prosper. Kim Novak, backed by a major Hollywood studio, was given substantial roles in movies and became a big star. Tina Louise was never promoted by a major studio, did not work in grade A movies, and did not become a big star. Elaine Stewart had a contract with MGM, but was never given large parts in their big productions despite public interest in her, and her career did not fulfill its potential. Elaine was born in New Jersey in 1929 as Elsy Steinberg, the daughter of a police sergeant. Little is known about her early life, but it is generally agreed that while still at school she worked as an usherette in a local cinema and graduated to the cashier's office. In 1956 Elaine returned with blonde hair and a fuller figure at Universal, who gave her bigger parts but in fairly modest movies. In "The Tattered Dress" Elaine played a woman caught in a compromising situation by her husband who is then accused of murdering his rival. In "Night Passage", an under-rated western, Elaine played Verna Kimball who, in the back-story, had not stood by Grant MacLaine (James Stewart) and who is now married to his boss. She is taken hostage by the outlaws whose unstable leader (Dan Duryea) has obvious carnal designs on her. She does not panic, and plays one outlaw off against another. Once again Elaine showed that given reasonable material, she was a strong screen presence, more than capable of holding her own against James Stewart and Dan Duryea. Elaine the blonde, as in "Night Passage"Elaine demonstrated this again in another western, "Escort West" - in monochrome Cinemascope - where she was far more forceful than Faith Domergue, one of Howard Hughes' creations, and in "The Rise And Fall Of Legs Diamond", a stylish gangster film, written and directed with wry cynicism by Budd Boetticher. Significantly, although Elaine had a skin blemish on her upper lip in this movie (make-up or a personal problem during filming?) she is still sexier than the other two actresses, Karen Steele and Dyan Cannon. (At the time, Karen Steele was Boetticher's wife.

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