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I was born as Desirée Claudette Manders on october, 28th 1969 in 's Gravenhage. When I was a baby, my parents did go live together in a house near the water in Leidschendam. Because my father had to travel a long way to his work, we moved to "Hoeven" in Brabant when I was six years of age. During my school period I've lived there. In that period I knew I wanted to become a singer. Each friday afternoon we had a 'celebration' on school where we as little children did a performance. My girl friends and I played a scene from the movie 'Grease' with singing, dancing changing clothes. You know, just to be the star of that day. In that time I learned to play my first tunes on the piano and I had flute lessons. In that time animals & Music (especially singing) where my biggest Hobby. I grew up and at the age of 12 I did go to the M.A.V.O. in "Oudenbosch" That was a difficult time, because all my friend of school did go to the H.A.V.O. so I didn't see them anymore. When I finally did feel a little comfortable, we had to move again, this time to Limburg because my fathers work. We did go live in Horst-Meterk and I was back again in a class where I didn't know anyone, and even didn't understand what they where saying. Even when the teacher Dutch did read something to let us write down, I didn't know what he was talking about ! I was a lonely teenager, a Dutch one !!! Happily, the girls from the village -with who I did ride to school on my bicycle- where very kind to me and bit by bit I did feel my self on my place and I did got some great girl friends. We did write complete books of pieces of paper to eachother! You know; 'Down under the table pass through system'. At last settled I joined the schoolband and I was at the school quere, because music was still my greatest hobby. I took piano lessons on the music school and worked on my condition at the sportschool. Beside this all, my dream became truth, I did got my own pony from my family! Hiddy was her name and I joined the horse riding club. I that time I spend my day with going to school, make home work and horse riding. With a girl friend I did set up a small danceclub. We tried to imitate all the songs of the serie 'Fame' and on village afternoon we did gave a performance. (Also videoclips of Michael Jackson were a great inspiration)

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