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"One of the first double barreled blasts of passion and fun to grace the screen with dizzy delights was a saucer-eyed baby pout beauty named Desiree Cousteau. (AFW 1/87). "On screen she was as beautiful of body as she was light of head. Her character in Pretty Peaches, a classic dingy bimbo, was close enough to the real Desiree that actress and role merged. "She was every porn fan's dream: sweet cherubic face, tits, ass and legs all perfectly proportioned. She could have had the intellect of a fern and no one would have cared, because Desiree could - and would - do almost anything for the camera." One scene for Pretty Peaches was so shocking that it had to be cut from the current versions of videotape - a spectacular enema scene where water sprays out of her anus across the room. Cousteau (Deborah Clearbranch) entered porn reluctantly, and always had to battle her weight. Al Goldstein says she became mentally ill and had to be placed in an institution. Other reports say that Deborah Clearbranch, who graduated from college in Savannah, Georgia in the late '80s with a degree in psychology, works in the field of mental health

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