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The 31-year old star, which is most famous for her role as the toffee-nosed bitch Anna in This Life, said; "I feel it is a huge loss for everyone. There are no longer any family left - the business has been taken over. It is just our name and our reputation." When she blasted onto our screens as Anna in This Life, Scottish actress Daniela Nardini became an icon for a generation of women. We've also seen her as a 60s feminist in Fay Weldon's Big Women and a plainclothes policewoman with marriage problems in Undercover Heart. Now 33 she has a personal trainer and a nutrionalist, very Notting Hill! Her family are ice cream makers from tuscany who migrated to Paisley in 1890. She's an exciting actress who dominates This Life. Modern young British woman personified. Her electrifying performances as Anna in This Life may have won her British television's most glittering prize, a British Academy Award (BAFTA) for Best Actress, but it left Daniela Nardini's nearest and dearest distinctly unimpressed. "My granny didn't like it very much," she says. "She kept asking me why I had to swear so much. She couldn't understand why I couldn't have played some Jane Austen-type heroine instead." Daniela has no blueprint for her future career. "I don't tend to think like that. I think it's going well just now. I'm not really heading anywhere," she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I'd like to have choice to pick and choose. I don't want to be a big star or anything." Daniela's closeness to her family and her roots in the fishing town of Largs on the West Coast of Scotland ensure she does not believe her own publicity.

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