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It's so easy to present Daisy Dee as a "multi-talented" breaking-hearts woman. In fact, you just need to list all her talents and successes to write down huge press articles. But what is the key to her success ? Well, this singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer, dancer and TV presenter of 27 years old works a lot ! She works with a 100% concentration at the studio, on stage, on the "set" and at her design studio in order to meet the requirements of the fans, of the colleagues and, the hardest task of all, of herself. She definitely can't be accused of being a little rich kid whose path to showbiz stardom was paved for her from the cradle. Daisy Rollocks, aka Daisy Dee, was born in Curacao. Her main activity is singing. And she's therefore particularly meticulous when it comes to creating her music. You see, her output over the last few years hasn't always been to her complete satisfaction, and now she thinks she's figured out why : "It just doesn't make any sense to create music and all the time think 'will it sell?' People should only produce music which they would buy themselves".Daisy married Toni Cottura from Fun Factory in October 1997. Congratulations ! Dance is one big family. In Spring 1998, Daisy appears in the Pappa Bear's video "When The Rain Begins To Fall", a groovy cover of Jermaine Jackson's '80s single. She is not singing in it, she is just dancing

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