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Cynthia Stevenson is a wonderful actress who's always enjoyable to watch. She's a feather of a girl, but seems to be so thin only because that's her natural size. (No Hollywood anorexia here, thank you.) She usually plays the good-natured, slightly neurotic girl who's neurotic because everyone else is either crazy or treating her badly. My favorite Stevenson roles were in Robert Altman's The Player, (her breakthrough role and the role that also made me realize how attracted I am to her) Watch It, Live Nude Girls (not what it sounds like), and the fairly short-lived sitcom Hope and Gloria. (Only short-lived because the other characters were generally written like cardboard stand-ups!) She's been in numerous other television series as well, and I would think after starring in a sitcom and some rather memorable film performances there would at least be a -little- web buzz about her. Even a teensy, weensy little bit? Instead there's nothing but a few corporate bios. Well fine, I'll be in her corner all by myself then. :) (...I suppose I like it better that way anyway.

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