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A foxy young sexstress who shimmied her way through over 50 features during the dawn of porn's video era, Porn Star Becky Savage always stood out in a crowd. Becky Savage was a strikingly pretty brunette whose curly, shoulder-length hair framed one of the nicest faces in the biz. Becky Savage's body was an all-natural thing of beauty, with perfectly proportioned medium-sized boobs resting atop an amazingly lithe and trim figure. It was her spicy ways between the sheets that kept her busy, though. Becky Savage first hit the porno scene in late 1979, appearing in a small role in the steamy sex videos 'F.' Her fiery performance caught the eyes of several hardcore producers, and Becky Savage was on her way. Whether appearing in big-budget erotic thrillers like 1982's 'Undercovers' or in low-budget grinders like 'Golden Girls #22,' Becky Savage had a way of getting under the skin of an audience and becoming the most memorable thing about her features. Despite her balls-to-the-wall sexual intensity, Becky Savage ended up spending most of her carnal career in the shadows, a second-tier porn starlet who could be counted on to deliver the goods without insisting on taking center stage. One of Becky Savage's best performances can be found in 1983's 'Too Much Too Soon.' She played a virginal young high school gal who becomes a nymphomaniac once she's given a taste of the forbidden fruit of lust. Becky Savage also has memorable trysts in some of the true classics of 80's porn, including 1983's 'California Valley Girls' and 'Nasty Nurses.' Becky Savage left the scene in 1984 after almost five years and a slew of sexy hits

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