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The leading popular singer that made her appearance in the discography in 1980 and continues being until today one from the bigger names in the space of nightly amusement. Given birth in Peristeri, but with Cretan origin, from ftwhjki' family, Angelic biggest than her two brothers, it is forced to stop the school finishing only the public school so that it contributes in the difficult economic situation. Factory Butterfly, kordelja'stra, salesman in shop of disks k.a. it was certain from the works that it made always but with the dream become singer. Underage still, in the 16 hro'nja it goes up in pa'lko with special authorisation from her parents, so that it can be found outside from the house afterwards the twoximerw'mata. Somebodies begin and believe in the talent and her voice, ana'mesa' their and Vasilis Tsjtsa'nis, composer that is considered and "cry'los" in the popular and rempe'tjko song. The ascendant course already has begun. It collaborates with the bigger names of song... Manolis Aggelo'poylos, Army Djonysj'oy, A lot of Pa'noy, Moving k.a. Most centres of Athens ask her collaboration. The better gift? The first personal disk titled "Because ' rcej's late". The success comes but with big "war" from colleagues that do not bear they see the small Angela "be taken off"!!!! In 1982 sign contract with company CBS, follows her attendance in the Festival Thessalonica with the song "As was I can" the M.Arhontj'di, it is selected as candidate for the EUROVISION with the song "If", big nightly centres, garde'njes,sampa'njes and flowers...... all in the legs of!!!! Tragoyda' in the Neraj!da as first woman's cloth name conquering the admiration of all and the success that so much had dreamed!!!! REX, ZOOM, POSIDONIO... in all popular adoration. It is the in a feminin way voice that has been connected with kaimo' the love but also erminey'trja that attributed exceptionally zej!mpe'kjka songs. FIRE IN THE SAVVATOVRADA, SKY, NOW YOU DO NOT SPEAK, To ME DO NOT SAY HIS NAME they are certain from them. In the course it collaborated with certain from the most important singers and authors between which is the Virtuous Njkolo'poylos, the last one perhaps in the chain of authentic popular composers, the Stama'tis Spanoyda'kis, representative of e'ntehnoy song, composer of cinematographic music mainly and orchestral subjects but also the La'kis Papado'poylos, songwriter of Greek rok scene

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