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Ana Paula Arosio's destiny came knocking on her door at the age of twelve while shopping in a supermarket with her mother in San Paulo, Brazil. The spunky little Brazilian rebel accidentally pushed the shopping cart over a man's foot. The man happened to be a representative for an advertisement agency. The agent quickly noticed her qualities and asked the mother to bring Ana Paula for a photo session. In a short time, the adorable Arosio was on the cover of major Brazilian, American and European magazines. At the age 17, Ana Paula started to dream about acting, and with her charm and fame, it was only a matter of time before she would captivate audiences all over the world. By the age of twenty-one, she already had under her belt three soap operas: Eramos Seis, Razao de Viver, and Ossos de Barao. Ana was engaged to businessman Luis Carlos Tjurs and planned the wedding for December 14, 1996. But her fiancÚ committed suicide, out of jealousy, in her presence almost one month before the wedding on November 4th, 1996. During this dark moment, Ana could not work from depression and on December 14, 1996 - the day of her wedding - she wore her wedding dress as a final tribute to her fiancÚ. After seeking therapy to help her recover from the depression, Ana returned to work by starring in Phedra (1997); Hilda Furacao (1998) a tv series adapted from a romance written by Roberto Drummond; Mulher; Voce Decide; Os Cristais Debaixo do Trono. In her personal life, Ana spends a lot of her time raising her horses, and her favorite friend, a cocker spaniel. As a pastime, Ana Paula reads classic such as Shakespeare, and she also enjoys enriching her knowledge by reading books on quantum physics

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