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In day 31/07/ 1981 the creature most perfect of the world was born, the gift to the universe was given by Ana Michels Maria in the city of Joinville - SC, came to the world Ana Claude Michels. As you can confer in these photos where Ana is with 6 months of age and more below to the 13 years as leader of the band of the school, that it always was pretty. The Michels family is of German descent, this is alone the fourth generation in Brazil, as much that the grandmothers of Aninha live in a place of Santa Catarina that only says German until today, already its parents continue liveing in Joinville. Ana Claude until would very like to continue liveing in Brazil as its family, but for all success that made, then had that to live outside of the country. It passed a good time better dividing apartment with its profession friend the campineira Carolina Bittencourt, but currently alone deferred payment in New York and confesses the times to feel a little of solitude, but as they say they are bones of the craft and it she wants to use to advantage the chances that have for there. When costuma is in America Ana to go in the academy every day to make 40 minutes of mat, some exercises and sauna, to go to the cinema almost all week and to work very. In the few times that one has tempinho it it comes to give passing in Brazil, mainly at the time of the Christmas that costuma to pass with its family, also adores to tan the bare-footed vacations in the San Francisco beach of the South that is next its native city. Namora Ana has two years the maquiador almost Daniel Hernandez, is the first serious boyfriend of it. Aninha intends to be married in a simple ceremony, small church, little people, without great parties as it was the marriage of its parents. It adores animals as much that after thinking about being obstetra, defined that it will be veterinary medicine when to stop of shape, but an affection for the animals does not arrive nor close to the love that has for children, this explains the dream to have 5 children

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